The Baobab Tree
Growing up I was surrounded by African and diasporic artwork and one of the more memorable icons present in that artwork was the Baobab tree. The Baobab Tree is the iconic tree of The Lion King fame, and due to its particularly large trunk it can store hundreds of gallons of water in otherwise very arid landscapes. That paired with the general utility provided by its fruit, bark, seeds and timber have bestowed upon it the title “The African Tree of Life” and a valued position as a essential part of the African Savannah and the communities that exist there. In some cases the often hollowed out trunks (some over 100ft in cicumference) provide a literal shelter from the harsh conditions of the African Savannah.

When I was a kid my home always felt like that. There was so much good there, so many different sources of growth, sustenance, protection, shelter and community all in one place that this symbol all too fitting to commemorate that place, and so that’s where it stays.

Engraved on 1/4” Sande Hardwood ply.