Motion Graphics

Like most kids, when I grew up I loved cartoons. That love for animation and my gift for illustration melded over time into a passion for motion graphics. During my time in school and the years since I've had the good fortune to work on some really great projects and here's a few of them.


Velours Rouge

This is a piece I did while in college, my client was a film-maker who had created a love story featuring a french main character. To fit that tone I animated this title sequence for the film. The film takes place in NYC and features a millennial cast and so we wanted the title sequence reflecting both a burning passion reminiscent of your favorite french romance with New York City nightlife vibes. Gotta love that rotoscope.


For this piece my client was a production company partnered with a non-profit specializing in showcasing diverse voices from marginalized communities. They created a pilot for a show taking place in a near-distant future where hate and xenophobia are normalized. I was tasked with the creation of a logo and title sequence for the series. Being that it was to be a drama with a dark tone where a murder mystery featured prominently in the plot I created a sequence featuring an evidence board and vanishing lettering. This was also the first time that I produced the sound for a title sequence!

Google Earth Ad

This piece is another student piece. The task was to do an animation of a logo, I chose Google Earth. I picked this style because I found the multiple stages to be a little analogous to the different colored overlays present within the Google Earth interface.  This is another great example of my favorite animation technique, rotoscoping.

My cute logo

So I've always wanted a monogram. My first name has some tough letters and I struggled for a long time with resolving what to do with the "g" typographically. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally found a monogram that actually looked good and read well! So excited I made not one animation, but three...

My serious logo

This student project was my first full fledged project done using Cinema4D. The subject of the project was my name, but as you can probably tell I was trying to push the program to its limits - enjoying the sandbox. This started a years long love affair with 3D rendering. Stay tuned for more.

Eyes Wide Shut

This student project is a title sequence for Stanley Kubrick's final film Eyes Wide Shut. The reason I chose to do a title sequence for this film is because it has none! It also has a really distinctive aesthetic.  This project might look a little cheesy and that's okay because its my very first animation. It's mostly here to show the amount of growth from my beginning until now, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.