Paper | Plastic

This is our selection of engravable plastics for use in the creation of signage, business cards and coasters.


Exterior - can be used for interior and outdoor spaces.

Brushed Nickel/Black

Reverse Engraving - 2-ply with a thick clear surface as viewed from the front and a thin colored layer on the back. When the engraving is completed, you will be able to see completely through the plate to the surface it is mounted on.

Treated Acrylic - acrylic that has been extruded in such a way to achieve various optical qualities such as transparency, edge lighting capability, translucence, mirrored surface and more. Recommended as mounting surfaces for signage.



Basic Acrylic






Mirrored Acrylic



Fluorescent Acrylic



Transparent Acrylic



Metallic Acrylic



Translucent Acrylic